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Our Cleaners Provide Excellent  Mattress Cleaning And Stain Removal Solutions in Cheltenham 

Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham provides high-quality mattress cleaning services in Cheltenham. Moreover, our mattress cleaning Cheltenham experts thoroughly clean all your mattress and make them safe for you to sleep in. Also, deep clean mattress experts wash every mattress of any size and give it a deep cleaning by removing all the dust and dirt. Secondly, we show up at your doorstep, so you don’t have to go through any hassle of moving your mattress from place to place. Additionally, our mattress cleaning services cleaners provide a range of mattress cleaning services which include mould removal, stain removal and urine odour removal as well. Moreover, all these cleaning services are extremely affordable for the residents of Cheltenham. So, to book our mattress cleaning services, simply dial the toll-free company number 03 4050 7848!

Reasons Why Professional Mattress Cleaners is Beneficial And Provide The Best Cleaning Solutions 

When it comes to mattress cleaning D.I.Ys won’t work as much as the professional mattress cleaning services will! Here are reasons why professional services rea better 

  • A deep mattress cleaning that involves the use of proper industry-level machines will ensure to give your mattress from the inside. 
  • Cleaners are trained to use the right formulated cleaning products which are made accordingly to your mattress material and requirement. Therefore, by customizing this the professional cleaners ensure to clean all types of mattresses effectively. 
  • Mattress stain removal expert cleaners will break down all the body oils and sweat and all types of stains from your mattress embedded within the mattress. 
  • The technicians also apply anti-dust mite treatment, and anti-mould treatment and give protection against stains.

Our Cleaners Get Rid Of Both Urine and Sweat Stains Completely In Cheltenham

Urine stains left for a long time on the mattress cause harsh stains on the mattress. Moreover, if the urine stain is unattended, it provides a perfect breeding ground for moulds, and bacteria to grow. Our Mattress cleaning Cheltenham experts formulated a cleaning solution that removes all the urine stains from your mattress. However, with deep cleaning services along with steam cleaning extract the urine stain and the mould spores from the mattress. Therefore, leaving your mattress stain free. Secondly, we cover body oil stains that come from sweat by breaking it down with our cleaning services and giving Scotchguard protection against stains. 

Our Cleaners Provide A Range Of Mattress Cleaning Methods In Cheltenham 

For a perfect-looking mattress, our mattress cleaning Cheltenham experts use several methods. Moreover, with every method, we ensure to make your mattress look flawless and smell fresh. Here is the list of methods we use to clean your mattress

  • Mattress Steam Cleaning

Steam clean mattress cleaners use a high-temperature water extraction technique, which enables us to remove all the dust and dirt from the mattress. Moreover, mattress stain removal services also aid in a loose up the harsh stains

  • Mattress Dry Cleaning

Our mattress cleaning Cheltenham experts use a high-power deep vacuum technology that pulls out the dust mites and dirt from deep inside the mattress. Moreover, after steam cleaning, we use our dry cleaning methods to quickly dry your mattress within no time. 

  • Mattress Mould Removal

To remove all the moulds from your mattress, we ensure to remove all the pores which are deeply embedded in your mattress. secondly, by doing this you can be assured that there will be no regrowth of the mild again. After this, we apply the anti-mould treatment.

  • Mattress Stain And Odour Removal

Daily usage of the mattress causes stains and body odours from sweat to accumulate on your mattress. Moreover, to remove multiple stains and all the nasty odours, our cleaners use pretreatment to loosen up the harsh stain. Secondly, we use properly formulated solutions and the right equipment to remove the stain. Additionally, we provide deodorization services to make your mattress smell fresh. 

  • Dust Mites Treatment Mattress

When you opt for dust mites treatment, we ensure to clean all your mattress out of dust mites and then add an anti-dust mite treatment. Furthermore, this helps in controlling the dust mites and their negative effect on your health. 

  • Mattress Sanitisation

Mattress sanitization ensures the removal of all the dust and dirt particles. Moreover, by using deep cleaning our experts remove all types of pathogens and bacteria which build up on your mattress. Therefore, we provide complete sanitization.

Mattress Cleaning Procedure We Follow For A Spotless & Fresh Smelling Mattress

For a spotless and fresh-smelling mattress, we follow a particular procedure, which is as follows 

  • Inspection

During the inspection, our cleaner thoroughly looked at the state of the mattress and carefully selected the list of services that are to be performed to get a clean, fresh-smelling mattress. 

  • Vacuum

After inspection, the first thing we do is to vacuum the whole mattress using industry graded vacuum before proceeding forward.

  • Stain removal 

Now we carefully make sure to apply pre-treatment to loosen up the stains on the carpet. Moreover, with proper cleaning products that our experts formulate, we then remove the stains and provide a Scotchgard treatment to prevent future stains.

  • Sanitization and deodorisation 

Our last step involves getting rid of dirt and dust from your mattress. Moreover, our experts ensure to remove moulds and other bacteria by deep cleaning your mattress. Lastly, we ensure to completely deodorize your mattress for freshness. 

Our Local Cleaners Provide Same-Day & Emergency Mattress Cleaning In Cheltenham 

If there is an urgency to get your mattress cleaned, then we got you covered! As soon as you book our services, our experts show up at your doorstep according to your convenience. Moreover, we finish the work within 2 or 3 hours depending on the type of services needed to clean the mattress and its condition. To book our emergency same-day services, call the company’s toll-free number! 

Why We Are The Best Mattress Cleaners In Cheltenham And Why Hire Us? 

When it comes to mattress cleaning in Cheltenham, there are multiple reasons to hire us. Here are some top reasons why you should pick our mattress cleaning Cheltenham experts

  • Our cleaners are highly trained and certified
  • We use industry-level tools and technology to clean your mattress
  • Our mattress cleaning services are extremely affordable 
  • We have eco-friendly cleaning solutions which protect you and your family


How often should I clean my mattress in Cheltenham? 

Our local mattress cleaning Cheltenham experts recommend getting your mattress cleaned every 6 months for stain, mould, dirt and dust-free mattress. 

How do I know if there are dust mites on my mattress? 

If you are getting constant allergies then know you are having dust mites. Moreover, we recommend getting a dust mite treatment done by our experts. 

Moulds keep reappearing on my mattress again and again, what should I do?

Cleaning the moulds on the mattress simply with normal cleaning products won’t change anything. Moreover, their spores lie deep inside the mattress. Hence, they reappear again and again. Therefore, our cleaners recommend a professional deep mattress cleaning with anti-mould treatment.

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